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We work with asylum seekers in the following countries:

We work with the support of
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  • International Lawyer
  • Immigration Consultant
  • Human Rights Consultant
  • Expert on CIS countries, whose reports are commissioned by British and American law firms
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Firstly, let’s discuss how we can assist you and which areas of expertise we cover:

Lawyer Selection, Including Legal Aid:
Regardless of your financial situation, we can help find an experienced asylum lawyer for you, including options through the Legal Aid program for those eligible for free legal assistance.

Certified Translators:
Access to professional translators will ensure the accuracy of your documents and help you better understand the asylum process through clear translation of legal terms.

Country Expert Testimonies:
Strengthen your case with testimonial evidence from experts on your country, highlighting instances of persecution. This could be a crucial argument in favour of granting you asylum.

Asylum in the United Kingdom

Choosing a Lawyer:
For a successful asylum case, it is critically important to have an experienced lawyer. We will help you find a specialist who will accompany you at all stages—from filing to court.

Translation Services:
Understanding the process and ensuring the accuracy of documents is facilitated by our certified translators, who specialize in immigration terminology.

Expert Testimonies:
Strengthen your case with witness testimonies from experts on your country, highlighting the risks and persecutions you have faced.

Asylum in the USA

Safe stay in Mexico:The Human Rights provides comprehensive support during your stay in the country, including legal assistance and security. One of the key aspects of this service is assistance in obtaining an AMPARO document through our partners - qualified Mexican lawyers.

An application to the USCIS - Humanitarian Password - is provided to a foreign national (who is otherwise ineligible for entry) to temporarily enter the United States due to an emergency and for urgent humanitarian reasons or in connection with a significant public benefit.

To the United States via Mexico - humanitarian password for applying for asylum

At "The Human Right," we offer specialized expert reports for lawyers, courts, and tribunals.

Our product, "The Human Rights Country Expert Report," is designed to provide reliable and comprehensive information concerning the conditions in the countries of origin of asylum seekers.

We collaborate with leading experts who possess deep knowledge of the specifics of various countries, enabling us to create compelling reports that withstand rigorous scrutiny.

Country expert report - Witness testimony

What is a country expert report and how does it work?


The judicial system does not have detailed information on all the nuances of human rights violations in each country. Therefore, a country expert report on your country of birth, where you are being persecuted or from which you are seeking asylum, is considered as evidence.


Our company consists of a network of independent experts on CIS countries. In each country, we collaborate with local lawyers and human rights organizations. This allows us to obtain credible information and an objective assessment of the situation in the country for your asylum case.


The comprehensive report is based on materials from both public, reliable sources recognized by authorities and courts, and private resources specific to each country.


The report is issued under the label "The Human Rights Country Expert Report," including a "declaration of authenticity" of the information provided by each report participant, entailing legal responsibility.


The court also considers this report as testimonial evidence, including the presence of experts during the court hearings on your case.
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— About our approach to work

Following Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules, we emphasize the necessity of accurate and independent presentation of expert evidence, aiming for complete transparency and accountability in our work. Our approach ensures that each expert report reflects the truth and provides the court with all necessary data to make an informed decision.

Duties of the Expert Witness

Our Approach
We meticulously analyze the situation in each country to ensure our reports are not only informative but also up-to-date. Recognizing the importance of rapid response, we ensure the timely preparation of reports, combining this with high quality and detailed research. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable documents that can serve as a strong foundation for defending their cases.
Every expert in our team undergoes rigorous selection, ensuring that they not only possess deep knowledge but also adhere to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality. We strive to ensure that our work contributes to strengthening the protection of human rights and justice on an international scale.

Quality and Reliability

Our reports evaluate two key aspects:

  • The conformity of factual statements to the context in which they arose.
  • The consequences of the facts or events for the applicant, especially in the context of the risk of persecution.

We strive to ensure that each report provides an objective and independent analysis, aiding judicial bodies in making informed decisions.
We understand that the asylum application process can be complex and stressful. At "The Human Right," we aim to alleviate this burden by providing support at every stage of the process—from preparing the expert report to presenting it in court. Our experts are ready to attend hearings in person or via video link to provide additional evidence or clarifications on issues that arise during legal proceedings.

Support at Every Step

Our Principles


We guarantee that each report is independent and not subject to external influence, ensuring its objectivity and reliability.


Our experts provide unbiased opinions, strictly based on facts and data.


We are committed to thorough analysis and presentation of all relevant facts, not omitting any significant details that could influence the outcome of the case.


Any assumptions or limitations in our reports are clearly marked, ensuring full clarity for judges and parties involved.

— About Safety and Confidentiality

We are an official company and operate under a service agreement
Official information about the company can be found on the government website.
We were founded in April 2022.
Our address is: 86-90 Paul Street, London, England, EC2A 4NE.

Maxim Kharitonov is the founder and CEO.
Your Partner in Human Rights Protection
"The Human Rights Country Expert Report" from "The Human Right" is not just a document; it's a crucial tool in the fight for justice and human rights protection. We take pride in knowing that our reports can contribute to positive changes in people's lives, sincerely striving for every individual who seeks our assistance to receive the protection and support they deserve.

Our services are intended not only for legal professionals but for anyone facing the need to protect their rights in a foreign country. We believe in the power of truth and justice, and our mission is to make them accessible to everyone in need.

— Our Clients and Their Results During Our Collaboration

The Safarov Family
  • Country: USA
  • Status: Political asylum
  • Composition: Family of 6 people
  • Relocation period: 1 month
  • Country: USA
  • Status: Humanitarian parole, political asylum
  • Composition: Family of 3 people
  • Relocation period: 2 weeks
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